Specializing in Mental Health Services, Case and Medication Management

Mental Health Services

Mental health can be affected by so many factors and look different in every patient. For example, we are presently going through a pandemic, which has affected everyone's mental health in one way or the other. The degree that this crisis affects our mental health is going to vary between individuals, and we need to be responsive and adaptive to their needs. Whether you are struggling with burdens unique to this year like the pandemic, or if mental illness has always been a struggle or challenge, rest assured we will find a custom-tailored approach that works for you.


Our goal is to help people with mental illness live a productive life. Our agency focuses on your overall mental self and wellbeing, through a holistic approach to care. We work with you to improve the areas in your life that are very important to you, and will have the most impact on your quality of life. Part of our mission is to eliminate the stigma on mental illness. We do this by respecting your values, vision, culture, and especially your privacy. People from all walks of life come through our doors, and we prioritize a welcoming and private experience for them.


Our process begins with a mental health status exam as our very first assessment to identify any immediate threat to you and others. Safety is very important to us. From that assessment, we offer other relevant exams to perform as you become part of our team. Finally, you will then set your goals and lay the plan, and together as a team we help you develop what it takes to achieve your goals.

Case Management Services

Case management is also influenced by our holistic approach to care. These services can be on a long- or short-term basis depending on your level of need. Services are provided at our physical location or the Case Manager visits individuals in their homes once, twice a week or daily to assess, monitor and coordinate care. 


Through these services, our goal is to reduce recidivism from institutions and emergency rooms. Recent evidence shows that the trend of institutionalizing most mentally ill patients has created a terrible systemic problem. Institutions and emergency rooms have become “revolving doors” for mentally ill individuals, due to the lack of continuous care in their community upon being discharged. MVCHRC aims to disrupt that trend.

Targeted or Intensive Case Management Services

These services are usually long-term on-going case management for persons with severe and persistent mental illness. Patients are referred to these services by hospitals, emergency rooms, corrections, community and private facilities, prescribing, referring providers, probation officers and local agencies. Care is person-centered and very specific to the individual. We address the individual’s physical, psychological and social environment with the goal of facilitating personal health, community participation, empowerment and supporting recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Case Management Services

These services are for individuals with severe mental illness and/or substance use disorder. Individuals must be approved and in accordance with the Alaska Medicaid bill 1115 program 2019: “The goal of the Alaska section 1115 SUD demonstration is for Alaska to maintain critical access to treatment services for opioid use disorder (OUD) and all other substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services and continues delivery system improvement for these services to provide a more coordinated and comprehensive OUD/SUD treatment for Alaska Medicaid beneficiaries.” We support the individual to maintain their recovery goals. Services are provided by a team of professionals, peers, specialists and support.

Re-Entry Program / Case Management Services

We offer intensive wrap-around case management services for high risk/high needs individuals with mental illness who are released from our correctional system. According to a report submitted to the Alaska State legislature, 65% percent of people incarcerated in Alaska have a diagnosed mental illness (Chapter 4, FSSLA 19, Section 140 January 30, 2020.) With that pressing statistic in mind, our clinic focuses on mentally ill individuals who are at risk of reoffending due to their mental illness, thereby improving public safety by reducing recidivism and reconviction rates. We collaborate with other providers focusing on patient-centered care with a holistic approach, and offer cognitive behavioral treatment.

Medication Management 

Our lead provider is a licensed Nurse Practitioner with prescription authority in Alaska. Medication management is a whole-person approach to medication therapy. It considers not only the patient’s medications, but his or her condition, clinical history, interventions tried and failed, past and present lab and test results, problem list, and clinical notes.  Our goal is to facilitate a patient’s continuous care in the community while participating in other recovery activities, and equally increase patient compliance to treatment.


Appointments may be for individual, group or family therapy.

Substance Abuse Outpatient Services

Coming early 2021