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Our Approach

We provide accessible, friendly and high-quality mental health services, including but not limited to medication management, groups, and substance abuse/addiction care to assist, uplift and inspire those in need. We have seen many people with problematic backgrounds turned away from mental health facilities, which hurts their chances of recovery. Mountain View Community Health and Recovery Center will provide a place open and accessible to these patients without prejudice and malice.

Our process begins with a mental health status exam as our very first assessment to identify any immediate threat to you and others. Safety is very important to us. From that assessment, we offer other relevant exams to perform as you become part of our team. Finally, you will then set your goals and lay the plan, and together as a team we help you develop what it takes to achieve your goals.

MVCHRC serves a spectrum of patients, including young adults, millennials, adults, seniors and families. We put relationships first, emphasizing respect, trust, confidentiality and compassion. Collaboration is key, and we are committed to providing quality mental health care that will be designed in concert with the client’s overall mental health needs. Our driving value is to listen, understand, empathize, motivate and inspire people to become the best version of themselves. 

Please call to book an appointment. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us through the inquiry form on the Contact Us Page.


“As a clinical social worker in the state of Alaska and in the mental health field, it is very important to refer clients to a community based provider that is willing to get to know the client, and caters services to meet the client’s particular needs. MVCHRC is that place, and provides that level of service.”

Aretha Tyus, MSW LCSW

“I come from a community of public safety, human resources, drug and alcohol rehab, community services, and now customer services. I met Delphine about 8 years ago when we worked together in the Department of Corrections [...] We have worked together in every aspect for the last 10 years. She is a dedicated individual, one that I would trust 100% to fulfill the needs of the community. [...] Delphine is very knowledgeable about rehab programs, public safety, drug and alcohol rehab, and works very closely with the homeless community as well. The services that she is now committed to, she has worked diligently to provide. It has become a part of her life, her family’s life, and the people that are around her. She is definitely a recognized figure in the community, and I appreciate knowing her.”

- Marita Allen, Executive Director at The Philadelphia House Habilitation Program